Vision Statement

VISION STATEMENT of the Chelsea One World One Family Task Force
Adopted 6/11/03

The OWOF Task Force was begun in 2002 as an outgrowth of the first community celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Chelsea, Michigan.

With the principles of Dr. King in mind, we, the OWOF Task Force, are committed to the following goals for our community:

  1. To increase the awareness and respect for the diversity of the human family.
  2. -To increase the understanding of the world’s various cultures.
  3. To increase the understanding of the nature of racism and to fight against the expression of all forms of discrimination.
  4. To bring the Chelsea area closer to becoming a community that includes and welcomes people from a variety of backgrounds, such as ethnic, cultural, economic and religious.

To these ends, we will sponsor educational activities, community events, and informative programs; hold book discussions and workshops; publish newsletters and write letters; seek the support of our local school board and government agencies; and undertake any other activities that will support our goals.

The OWOF Task Force will remain a nonprofit community organization, open to all who support these goals, led by an elected Steering Committee.